A House of Smoke | WINNER: EACPE Video Contest 2017

A film by Junaid Aslam and Montasir Imran Khan

Year 2062, when the only life left on earth is humans… awaiting their death in the midst of smoke, pollution and hopelessness. 

Winner of EACPE Video Contest 2017. A film by Junaid Aslam and Montasir Imran Khan.


  1. No doubt the video quality, editing and and overall composition of this video is quite good. I congratulate the winners for their hard work. But this is not documentary! … this is fiction work and fiction only fits in short and feature movies. The EACPE video contest was of DOCUMENTARY. There is huge difference between a Documentary and Movie. The outcome of whole competition, on the basis of this ground, is thus unjustified.

    • @voiceofken: Thank you for visiting our website and leaving your comment.

      As Aroma has already mentioned, it was a Video Contest, and documentaries and short films both were allowed. It was clearly mentioned in our official announcement as well.


      I hope it will clarify the confusion, and now you will consider the result as justified.

      Thank you and best wishes.

      – Admin

  2. Nice and touching video. Its so deplorable how humans are damaging the mother earth.
    What is considersd human progress is actually human stupidity.

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