A Rare Clip: Dr. Abdus Salam Interviewed on PTV in 1989

Dr. Abdus Salam interviewed in Rastay Ilm Kay, a 13-part series made in the 1980’s that took a critical look at Pakistani education.


  1. Let this be seen in every student in every institution of Pakistan, so that they can have tips for “how to think and yet have capacity to think more. This is simply Fantastic.

  2. Dr Salam’s biography on the Nobel Prize website ends with these words which I thought of sharing:
    “Abdus Salam is known to be a devout Muslim, whose religion does not occupy a separate compartment of his life; it is inseparable from his work and family life. He once wrote: “The Holy Quran enjoins us to reflect on the verities of Allah’s created laws of nature; however, that our generation has been privileged to glimpse a part of His design is a bounty and a grace for which I render thanks with a humble heart.”

    What a beautiful soul.

  3. Dear pervaiz,
    I have listenen to this with interest. However I am a bit amazed to know that Dr. Abdul Salam mentioned medical sciences have rudimentary theory and based on observation mainly. Being a doctor and a professor of medicine, I dont think his opinion in this regard can be considered an expert opinion

  4. Subtitles in English may have helped us a great deal – thank you. A pleasure viewing and hearing the great man.

  5. Indeed a rare treat. I had the chance to see this great person from very close distance in my early youth. Could not get a chance to shake hand with him in a gathering. What a beautiful soul he was. Lot of respect for Dr. Salam.

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