Winner of third prize in EACPE Video Contest 2014

Winner of third prize in EACPE Video Contest 2014

The courageous struggle of a hardworking house servant who desperately seeks to educate her children. 

Video submitted by Azhar Shan and Ayoub Mallah.

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  1. Its a amazing topic but I am very sorry cant see the pain of people of Pakistan, who can not stand for their rights and keep selecting these corrupt govt (Zardari&Co, MQM, Koon league, ANP etc) who cannot stands for there right.

    Also blame to our cultural thoughts which keep teach us to live like slave, objective of your life is esp for the married women live like slaves, responsible to earn money, take-care of children and worship there husbands. ashamed.

  2. I would like to support this courageous lady in every possible manner within my own means. Can anybody help me reach out to her?

    Tariq Khan Afridi
    Peshawar, Pakistan

  3. Respect for the great woman. A humble suggestion: perhaps she can take her child to the citizen’s foundation – they offer great free education.

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