Everyone Should Adopt these Three Habits

Anum Iqbal

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Yesterday, I was scrolling my twitter account where I read something that captured my attention and I started thinking about it, its usage in practical life and how it would be helpful for me. It was a tweet by some page that I follow urging the readers to adopt the three habits that could be immensely obliging for anyone in life. After reading them, I realized that those 140 characters were the most important thing I read the whole day. So, I thought why not write a blog about it and share with everyone else who might be interested in knowing those habits and adopting them. Now, without any further delay, let’s get straight to those magical habits.

  • A habit that keeps you healthy

Being healthy is the biggest blessing which most of us doesn’t even realize before it’s too late. If you are fed up because your business/life is not going the way you want it to be, then it’s totally alright till your body is functioning well, trust me! Because you can try to achieve whatever you want to, even hundred more times as long as you are healthy. Our health is something that we take for granted all our life. Make sure to adopt a habit that keeps you healthy and fit. In my case I prefer walking a lot; I like walking in the morning when the sun rises, and in the evening when the sun sets.  It not only keeps me healthy but reduces the stress/anger level as well. So adopt one habit for yourself that would keep you healthy.

  • A habit that keeps you creative

Those belonging to this generation have massive opportunities which they can utilize, for instance in growing their finance or doing something that keeps their mind active. But most of them are not doing anything productive and yet moaning about lacking of opportunities. They don’t want to broaden their vision and be creative, perhaps because it requires determination and brainstorming, and sadly most of us by nature are procrastinators. We blame the economy and government for everything but don’t like to get up and do anything ourselves. Therefore, often we end up doing things that mostly others are doing. It not only mixes us up with others but also don’t let us differentiate ourselves from others. So make sure to adopt a habit that keeps you a creative person all the time.

  • A habit that makes you money

There is nothing bad in dreaming about making money; after all, this is what keeps us motivated. Why an employee would want to put extra efforts for the company if he is not getting any money? There is no point in working then. Why companies cannot run without money? Because money plays an integral part in our lives. Consequently, it is important for everyone to make a habit that would give them money in return. That habit must be something you are interested in. If your interest is in business, then go for it even if it’s on a small scale. If your interest is in teaching, then start giving lectures in school or university. Go for whatever makes you happy and provides you money as well.


The above mentioned are the habits that could transform our daily routine and eventually our lives if we start working on them. I thought about my three habits and wrote them down in my diary. Think about yours deeply and with full attention plus start working on them from today. Because tomorrow never comes. 

About the Author:

Anum Iqbal is a 22 years old Business student who has recently graduated from University of Central Punjab. She believes in dreaming big and turning them into realities. Serving the society where she lives in and motivating students to do something big are few of them.

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