Exclusive Interview with Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky of MIT, the world’s best known public intellectual and EACPE board member, speaks to Pervez Hoodbhoy (46 minutes). His message: for all its terrible troubles the world is actually getting better.

Read its transcript here, and Urdu translation here.


  1. Nice interview with Noam Chomsky. When a scholar like him analyses world problems in the light of historical events, no one dares to differ, But still i am not so optimist like him. Let us see which way the wind blows.

  2. Interesting , optimistic and scholarly . However, the hard liners continue to trouble our minds instilling fear and even hatred
    which is definitely worrying in this modern era . Fear mongering,repression of minorities and repeated threats of use of modern technology including nuclear warfare ( which could mean mass destruction of humans) needs to be checked by civil societies worldwide no matter what. The rise of right wing political leadership worldwide makes us feel less secure and human rights continue to be compromised.

  3. In addition to nativism and demographic shifts, big problems of nuclear proliferation, climate change and increasing inequality between the rich and the poor remain unaddressed. Thanks for an enlighteneing interview which high lighted historical perspectives.

  4. Pervez sahab first of all I would like to appreciate your efforts to bring awareness on different levels, I am regular reader of your online articles and the website of books
    mashalbooks.org/ .
    I do not see many people parallel to your efforts and courage. I am so proud of your work and no doubt that this work will always keep you alive, I am also a big fan of Noam Chomsky and want to thank you for interviewing this important scholar of our time . His wisdom and ability to see the bigger picture in the perspective of human history is giving us hope and optimism (despite of our intense frustration on current situation in the world ). These days writing on the topic of history of human attitude towards disability is making me feel the same. we are doing bad but still better than we used to be. what is important is always raising our protesting voices towards injustice through your writings and other actions and ability to dream for a better future for this world. We all have to understand that the huge difference between haves and have nots, inequality and many other factors are the top reasons to create this dis balance and stopping us to create the harmony and peace. This interview is indeed a good effort to bring awareness.

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