EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Abdus Salam Interviewed on PTV in 1989 (Unedited Rare Clip)

Unedited recording of Dr. Abdus Salam in PTV studios 1989 for program Rastay Ilm Kay.


  1. Wow, two smart people together.

    Salam had innocence of a child and intellect of a giant, a real genius.

    A thery whch can be falsified is the good theory in science, what i remember from my science lessons

  2. I knew Prof. Salam for long time being only Nobel Prize winner in Science from Pakistan who has not been allowed recognition in his beloved country by clergies and ignorants. First time Prof Hoodbhoy introduced the real Abdus Salam and great enjoyable talk about him.
    I wish that he brings more interested knowledge about him. Time will come when more Scientists like Salam and Hoodbhoy will be born in our country.

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