Hamari Kainat (Urdu Podcast, Episode: 03)

"Hamarai Kainaat" (Our Universe) is an Urdu Podcast about Astronomy, published by Dr. Salman Hameed and Umair Asim. One of the main purposes for this podcast in Urdu is to share the knowledge about our Universe to anyone relating to any walk of life in Pakistan and beyond.

Topic: Triple Transit on Planet Jupiter in January 2015, the importance of Jupiter in our solar system and some of its historical background. Hosted by Umair Asim. Expert: Dr. Salman Hameed.


  1. Are you guys kidding me, serlousiy are you kidding me Salman did not jump from that high, I like Salman but he did not attempt this. To glide like that in air and steer so close to mountains and land with pin point accuracy requires years and years of practice, Salman has no training at all, look at the video, they have shot it in a intelligent way to show as if he jumped, Salman wud have killed himself had he attempted somethign like this

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