Hamari Kainaat With Dr. Salman Hameed And Umair Asim

  • Hamari Kainat (Urdu Podcast, Ep # 1)
    Topic: Latest findings of the most earth-like planets found yet and extrasolar planets in general. Podcast published by Umair Asim and Dr Salman Hameed.
  • Hamari Kainat (Urdu Podcast, Ep # 2)
    In this episode, Dr. Salman Hameed and Umair Asim talk about the latest news of 5 rocky planets found in very ancient ‘solar system’ and more.
  • Hamari Kainat (Urdu Podcast, Ep # 3)
    Topic: Triple Transit on Planet Jupiter in January 2015, the importance of Jupiter in our solar system and some of its historical background.
  • Hamari Kainat (Urdu Podcast, Ep # 4)
    Topic: The recent outburst of a binary star system, U Geminorum, which became 100 times brighter than usual. What is U Geminorum and why it became so bright?
  • Hamari Kainat (Urdu Podcast, Ep # 5)
    In this episode, we answer your submitted questions. We talk about protoplanetary disks, end of the Universe, expansion of the Universe, history of Sun-centered and Geo-centered model of the ‘Universe’, importance of Astrophotography in Astronomy and the efforts of amateur astronomers for popularizing Astronomy in Pakistan.
  • Hamari Kainat (Urdu Podcast, Ep # 6)
    In this episode, we talk about a recent nova that happened in the constellation Sagittarius; What is a nova? What are the processes that make it happen? What are the different types of novae? What is Chandrasekhar limit and why it is so important to understand white dwarf in a nova?
  • Hamari Kainat (Urdu Podcast, Ep # 7)
    In this episode, we talk about stars: How did we first know the nature of stars in the night sky? What amazing knowledge spectroscopy of starlight has given to us? What different colors of stars can tell us about their physical properties?
  • Hamari Kainat (Urdu Podcast, Ep # 8)
    In this episode, we discuss how to learn about different types of stars on H-R Diagram, and how to know the life cycle of any star by looking at its place on H-R Diagram.
  • Hamari Kainat (Urdu Podcast, Ep # 9)
    In this episode, we discuss the latest news of water on Mars and its implications.
  • Hamari Kainat (Urdu Podcast, Ep # 10)
    In this episode, we talk about the new findings of exoplanets’ possibility in globular clusters and what impact it can make on any possible alien life in the system.
  • Hamari Kainat (Urdu Podcast, Ep # 11)
    In this episode, we talk about the recent finding on Planet X and discuss how credible it is.
  • Hamari Kainat (Urdu Podcast, Ep # 12)
    Let’s talk about ‘Gravitational Waves.’ What are these waves? How they are produced? How did we detect it? and What is coming in the future?
  • Hamari Kainat (Urdu Podcast, Ep # 13)
    In this episode, we talk about our own galaxy, Milky way. Where are we in our galaxy? What are the constituents of Milky way and what is the future of it?