How Much Should You Fear Death

A lecture by Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy

Obsessive fear of death can cause anxiety disorder. A realistic view is necessary if you want to lead a normal and happy life.


  1. Death is indeed a reality so why to fear? If you have passed your life following a code that emphasis on faith, deeds, patience, tolerance and sacrifice then you would not be anxious but happy to leave this World. When Prophet Muhammad (S.A.A.W) was about to leave this World, He was given an option for extending His life if He wished so but He preferred to meet Allah SWT, His best friend.

  2. I have thought a lot about death and had have this obsession about this sick reality of life shaped by evolution. I will die not accepting death till last moment. I am very positive about anti-ageing research being carried out and hope over the years we can continue increasing human’s lifespan. We invest so much in the nurturing and grooming of humans and retaining assets for the world who could propel the world forwards would be fantastic, however this is at present wishful thinking as our focus is not on this fundamental issue. Why not look death as a disease?.

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