Kalabagh Dam is Not the Solution

Winner of second prize in EACPE Video Contest 2014

Winner of second prize in EACPE Video Contest 2014

Is the proposed Kalabagh dam all what we need to resolve Pakistan’s energy problems? Here’s why it may not be the solution.

Video submitted by Alizeh Kohari.


  1. a very brief and excellent description of facts regarding kalabagh dam but the question is why the state is not investing in other energy alternatives which have no polititcal reservations.

  2. I am sorry Alizah, I don’t agree with your view point. Your video statement is missing with technical details. I have few questions, if you can answers.

    1. Why I cant find any reaction of Pakistan’s Anti Dam People, when India constructs a Dam on our Waters even on our Borders?
    2. Will you please check figures of Pakistan’s Population and Cultivated Areas (Before and After) construction of Tarbella and Mangla Dam?
    3. In purview of Increasing Population and Decreasing Water Storage Capacities, do you have any alternative plans, how will you propose to feed such a huge population?
    4. If dis-placement of people is so dangerous, than why our journalist do not campaign against land grabbers, industrialist, real estate property dealers?
    5. I am sorry, you have misguided people by saying that floods only flow from eastern rivers, kindly correct your facts and figures?

  3. Happy to see Alizeh efforts and more than happy to know that she has visited the areas like coastal belt of Sindh. Very valid points made by her however it would be good if Alizeh has talked about the carryover dams and alternate energy resources like Wind, Solar and Coal.

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