Land Grab at QAU

Winner of third prize in EACPE Video Contest 2016

Winner of third prize in EACPE Video Contest 2016

The future of QAU, Pakistan’s premier public university, is threatened by land mafia.

A documentary by Lahore TV. 


  1. Not only the future of QAU but the future of this country is threatened. There is no rule of law. Pakistan is a jungle because the institutions have become the tools of tyranny in the hands of the potentate.

    In society we also notice alot of greed among people for wealth and possessions. Greed is abasic character flaw, A problem like addiction. How to deal with it? we can analyse it from psychological point of view. Lack of love in childhood, death of parents or living through difficult circumstances give rise to a sense of insecurity, and fear. Parents too, often, prefer to give children material things such as toys or choclates, instead of time and affection. Later in life, people, to cope with the fear for lack, unconsciously, try to acqire and hoard, but never satisfied.

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