Nationalism, Religionism and the Brutality of Humanity

Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy shares his views on the clash of Human morality with Ideological morality.

Hosted by Dr. Baland Iqbal.


  1. Secularism in pakistan will only prevail when secular values would be developed through secular policies adopted on state level. The strong stratification among all citizens must be eradicated. The very first step to secularization in Pakistan would be to bring some fundamental modifications on it national identity cards, NICs that the state is suppost to issue to its nationals. It has to remove the ‘religion’ caption ON the NIC. Let every citizen be the citizen of pakistan irrespective of religion. Some necessary details need to be put on the card like gender, age, address, father or family name.

  2. I have watched few discussion on ‘Password by Dr.Baland Iqbal’ on you tube before, from Rawal TV Canada. I am pleasantly surprised this gentleman Dr Baland Iqbal is a doctor of medicine but he is creating very intelligent dialogues.I strongly recommend these discussion on some national tv. I am very impressed with this particular discussion with.Dr.Pervaiz Hoodbhoy. As usual he is very clear in his views.I think these words are very important that human morality is nothing but acquired or learned habits.

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