Justice For Mashal Khan

Savagery unleashed upon Mashal Khan reminds us of medieval brutality. What should we do to get out of this Muslim age of darkness?

Click here to watch it in Urdu.


  1. A heartbreaking comment because it reflects the reality. Pakistan means a country where “Pak“Human beings live. But every day its citizen prove that the name chosen is in itself a blasphemy. The real name of Pakistan,considering the daily reality of this country, is in fact corruption, racism, physical and sexual abuse of women and children, self justice. Pakistan was never a nation and never will be. The hatred between different ethnic groups and between sects,Sunni, Shia, is evident. In reality one is not a Pakistani but a Punjabi, Sindhi and so on. The Islamic values are totally absent. The loud speakers acclaiming „ Allah ho Akbar“are insulting Allah! He is totally absent.

  2. Blasphemy is when you write the name of Holy Prophet on the the dirty walls of town and NOT When you spread his message of humanity and tolerance. We need to punish the real culprits.

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