Lecture 36: Heat – I

Teach Yourself Physics with Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy

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  1. So, Steve…can you consult your finreds in the field of evolutionary biology and ask them if our refusal to see what is in front of us (that pc is literally killing us and will, in all likelihood continue to do so)is evidence that we have lost our survival instinct, like a declawed cat that has been kept indoors, accidentally gets out, and doesn’t realize the dog coming at him is a threat to his life?Have we grown “over-domesticated”?Is that what something like “diversity-seeking” is all about? Is this evolution’s way of pruning out the weak from our species–the weak being us, of course.Or, is this the result of a parasite like toxo eating away our brains? Are we the toxo-infested mouse that doesn’t recognize the smell of cat urine and so becomes the cat’s plaything…or its dinner?

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