Do you know our bodies are constructed from elements that were processed inside stars or in the earliest few minutes after the Big Bang. Salman Hameed explains.

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  1. Faisal Sayeed

    My first visit to this website (via Dawn news). I watched your video with interest. You have tackled a complex topic to explain in Urdu….but I think if you keep it simple and not stray too much from the core of your discussion you will succeed in retaining your viewers interest. For example instead of jumping to the Big Bang theory and trying to explain inflationary model of the early universe….you should have stayed with the original topic of explaining how the heavier elements originated in the thermonuclear furnace of stars…..perhaps with a brief introduction to gravitational collapse of Hydrogen cloud that leads to the first genesis of Helium through fusion and subsequent formation of Carbon Nitrogen Oxygen etc. (mass dependence of stars) and the eventual death of star leading to super nova and the dispersal of these ‘seeds’ for future incorporation in planets.
    Graphics will help a lot and I imagine that any undergraduate or even graduate computer science student(s) should be able to help out with some dazzling animation for you to narrate and make the physics of Stars lot more exciting and palatable.

    I applaud the initiative though…..and hope to see natural evolution of your presentations into fluid, engaging conversation with viewers……and soon hope to see my fellow Pakistanis well versed in science.

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