Science ka Adda | Episode 15: A Mysterious Star

Science ka Adda (Café Scientifique) is a series of short educational videos documented in the native language of Pakistan, Urdu. The goal of the series is to communicate the wonder and excitement of science to a broad audience.

Alien technology? No – well probably not! Nevertheless, “Tabby’s Star” is currently one of the most mysterious stars in the universe. Astronomers are having a hard time explaining its behavior, at least with what we know from astronomy. But this is also a great example of how scientists approach an unusual phenomenon with imagination, creativity, and a healthy dose of skepticism.


  1. Wah! Valvala khaiz inkshaf aur kuch ghairyaqini ki kefiat,ailk khosh ayand tsswer ke sath—khalai mkhloq se rabta.
    Kash aisa ho jae.

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