Sending Pakistan to Mars

India erupted in joy when spacecraft Mangalyaan successfully entered the Martian orbit in late September. Pakistanis may well ask: can we do it too? What will it take?


  1. I agreed… we have to think about the education of future generation. Pakistani nation is far far a way from the technology.

  2. Excellent reply to the question Whether Pakistan can achieve mission to Mars as India? I am very confident that
    Pervaiz and many other real scientists of Pakistan can join and achieve a similar or better mission to Mars and beyond if the resources available to them. Based on the priorities of the existing government and the resources, I do not think it will be tried in the near future by the present corrupt and selfish government.

  3. The pitch here is very different from your article in Dawn on the same subject. Instead of posing it in terms of bridging the gap with India in science and technology by a false analogy with the US lag in space technology over USSR in 1950s — which to some extent still persists — through a “sputnik moment” for Pakistan through “leapfrogging” or through “borrowed feathers”, I am glad you are emphasising here the need for much more gradual and determined efforts to bring about structural changes in the field of science and education. Indeed the country will have to step up to such radical changes much more widely in the social and economic structure. Simply by adding wish lists a la Qadri and Imran, we are unlikely to get very far. The question is how? Not through cosmetic and piecemeal changes changes in particular areas and institutions.

  4. This is indeed heart warming and very educative for Pakistan. Pervez stresses grass root change in thiniking and setting right priorities. Having worked for Indian Space Research Organisation for many, many years, I must say that its work culture and atmosphere, originally created by Dr.Vikram Sarabhai and his closest associates and students, inspires everyone for performing to their best. For Pervez and his elder brother, Samir, who is my best friend, delevopment of Pakistan is so dear to them that they have sacrified a lot, working towards that goal. It is our hope that many in Pakistan would listen to this educative, inspiring talk and learn and change for the better future.

  5. Is it necessary for a country having half of its population living under poverty line to go for Mars explorations? The ladies & gentlemen impressed by such programs must strive for the basic needs of our people like health, balanced education, clean water and just system.

  6. Parvez Hoodbhoy ! Aapki hubbul watni ko salam . Aap pakistan ke sachche khairkhwah hain, aur saath mein nidad aur bahadur bhi jo sach bolne se nahi ghabraate , aap apni security kaa bhi khyaal zaroor rakhkhein .pakistan mein aap jaise logon ko pasand nahi kia jaata .

  7. What is our priority?
    Like building metro is of higher priority than giving clean water n electricity to masses so I am sure we will goto Mars sooner than expected. Otherwise our political leaders n business class always bailout when this country needs them. So people don’t be diaappointed, 30 million children n women r on streets n alot many more r without food or job or even clean water but our priority is different.

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