Sobbing Sea — Sisakta Samundar

Winner of first prize in EACPE Video Contest 2015

Marine pollution is destroying sea life in Pakistan. What is to be done? 

Video submitted by Azhar Shan and Ayoub Mallah. 

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  1. Great Azhar Shan ,Ayoub Malla the youth of Ibrahim Hydri Karachi S,also I will Appreciate Eqbal Ahmed med Public Center for the support .

  2. Well done, Azhar Shan and Ayoub Malla on your documentary. Thsnk you to Eqbal Ahmed Centre for Public Administration for encourage production of such documentaries and to Getz Pharma for monetary award. Government has paid lip service to the problems of coastal communities for too long without taking measures to reverse the destruction. It has allowed fisherfolk like Abdul Ghani and Haji Abu Bakr to be murdered trying to save the mangroves from the land mafia and done nothing to apprehend the guilty. I hope films like this will create the public awareness and build pressure from members of the general public beyond the fishing community to force the government to save coastal and inland fishing communities and the marine environment.

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