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Life is a cocktail where people experience mixed situations. Some brings happiness, some sadness; a few bring anxieties and depression where other situations teach you the most important lessons of your life. I am not telling you to stay strong and alert in every situation because that is simply not possible for most of us. But dealing with hard times without giving up and cherishing joyful moments without forgetting the ones who helped you out during your hard times is something that makes you stand out among others.

If you don’t want to regret in the future, then the right time is now to be focused and start thinking about stepping on a different path.

Remember life is not how you presume it nor it is a cruel path to walk on. It takes you to an unexpected journey where the stronger goes far and gets the reward at the end whereas the weaker steps back and achieves nothing in the end but disappointments and regrets. This article is especially for the youngsters who are still deciding whether to step on that difficult path or remain happy with their ordinary lives. Asking yourself these simple questions, that may appear easy but are actually hard to answer, will help you in choosing your path.

1. Are you satisfied with your work (or current situation)?

Do you wake up in the morning and feel that this is exactly how I wanted to spend the rest of my life? If yes! Congratulations, you are on the right track and I suggest you to do just what you are doing. But if no, then you really need to find out what you are good at and what will make you happy.

2. Do your dreams and reality match with each other?

Everyone dreams something in one’s life where one visualizes and fantasizes and imagine where he wants to reach in the future. If your dreams, your imaginations are matching with your day-to-day activities (reality) then you are on a right track. If not, it’s high time to think and start evaluating.

3. Do you want to do something really big in your life?

If you want to achieve something great in your life, then nothing comes easy and nobody will serve the plate to you. For it, you need to make up your mind to chase your dreams and need to work hard. Before studying the lavishing lifestyles of the billionaires, it is immensely important to study the hard times they have been through and make yourself that much determined.

4. Are you scared of stepping outside your comfort zone?

If you know what you want to become in your life and you exactly know the path that will take you there, but sacrificing your comfort seems hard or sometimes impossible to you, then you need to work on yourself first before working on your goal. You must have a true commitment to remain focused on your goal and shouldn’t shy to step outside your comfort zone.

5. Can you sacrifice today’s comfort for a better tomorrow?

Last but not the least, ask yourself if you can sacrifice your present for a better tomorrow because you don’t want to feel dependent and broken in the future. You don’t want to look at other’s successful life and feel guilty about not being able to afford what you always wanted and not being able to afford a quality education for your kids. If you don’t want to regret in the future and you don’t want to feel miserable, then the right time is now to be focused and start thinking about stepping on a different path. The path that can change your life!

About the Author:

Anum Iqbal is a 22 years old Business student who has recently graduated from University of Central Punjab. She believes in dreaming big and turning them into realities. Serving the society where she lives in and motivating students to do something big are few of them.

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