Why Are There More Average People in the World?

Contributed by Wardah Noor

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One of my friends questioned me during some talk what if we failed after trying our best? When all our efforts gave us no result, wasn’t it the destiny that played with us? I always disagreed when they emphasized yeah God wanted one to do something else, and hence, He failed one, and now one is searching to do some other work.

Lately, a friend of mine shared me her story of failure. For instance, she made a long list of her efforts, her work, her dedication towards her aims, but still when she failed to do so, she concluded that the only reason of her failure would be that “God wanted this,” and hence, it was destined!

It’s an interesting premise to consider destiny as a decisive factor, so I decided to get deeper into the matter and ponder why people fail?

Following are the points that may explain attitude of failure oriented or average and successful or great people:

  • The first thing that I noticed is that successful people, and those who remain happy with their lives, care less about the results. They are always prepared to accept whatever comes, even the unfavorable outcomes. They do their best and then don’t complain if they fail. Instead, they try to rationalize and find the causes of their failure.

  • Average people keep comparing themselves with other people, and seek to acquire their qualities. They keep comparing themselves with other people.On the other hand, great people always do what they want to do, and they don’t follow others.

  • Great people are humble, they stay the same even after gaining fame or popularity. Like everyone, they too enjoy fame and victory and feel happy when people praise them, but they don’t let this fame make them arrogant.

  • They don’t brag themselves, and don’t boast their background, status, relationships, friends’ circle, money or fame. Even if they have poor background, they don’t care because they have no concern with the world.

  • Last and the most important thing is that successful people are sincere. They are sincere and devoted to whatever they do. They take relationships seriously, they are committed to their goals, and they have a refined and pragmatic worldview.

Each and every action of yours, relating to anything, may affect the outcome, even if it doesn’t seem directly associated.

You may wonder how commitment with goals and aims in life can affect relationships or how sincerity in relationships can affect one’s aims or anything else. I believe it t appears in one’s actions. When one is sincere with all things, one is progressing towards the path of success. After all, one’s actions are consequence of one’s attitude. So, be true, be sincere.

Wait! what does sincerity mean to you? Does it mean being straight forward in everything and not lying? Does it mean doing the thing which is right for you? I would count sincerity with not lying with oneself too, along with not lying with others. One shouldn’t lie with things relating to one’s aim. Sincerity means be what you are, and don’t have a dual personality. Remain what one really is, instead of wearing a veil to hide one’s disabilities or shortcomings.

It is said that life is all about actions and reactions. Remember, everything in life is integrated and associated in one way or the other. Each and every action of yours, relating to anything, may affect the outcome, even if it doesn’t seem directly associated.

Now, ponder your attitude and decide in which category are you standing right now: are you a great person, or are you just an average one, or even a failure?

Change Your Attitude Today.

Contributed by Wardah Noor

The writer is doing F.Sc (Pre-Medical). She is a bright student, who seeks to get doctorate degree first and then to become prime minister of Pakistan and serve the country.

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