4 Reasons Why Some People Are More Successful Than Others

Contributed by Anum Iqbal

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I was pondering while taking tea in the morning why there are more poor and middle class people in the world and are few billionaires? Why some people are enjoying all the luxuries in the world while others are struggling even for the basic necessities? Why some people are more successful and others are not, even though they also work hard. The answer is simple but it takes years to understand for most of the people. Some may understand it but they are either too shy to do something big in their lives or are too scared to sacrifice their comfort zone. Doing something big requires day and night effort, determination and a focused mindset which most of us are not ready for.

Following are some of the prominent habits that differentiate successful people from non-successful people.

  • They don’t settle for good because good is the enemy of great

The main problem with us is that we are happy being in a good state. Because it is easy to have a good house, easy to have a good relationship, easy to do a good job and easy to do everything else in a good way. We like good stuff because good is comfortable; we get good things in life without putting in much efforts. Whereas, successful people do not settle for good things. Instead, they work immensely hard to get great life, great career and great home and great relationships.

  • They don’t waste their time on useless activities

They are well aware how valuable their time is and how they should utilize it on productive things that will provide them long-term benefits. By the same token they enjoy their work and continuously think about the strategies and tactics to expand their business. They do not sit in front of the television screens for entertainment. Have you ever observed why great brands do not advertise their products on TV? Because they know their targeted customers are not sitting in front of the TV screens. Whereas, middle class and poor people waste their time on such activities that may provide them leisure for a certain time period but will give them no benefit in the long run.

  • They never let others control their lives

Successful people don’t wait for someone to advise them on certain matters nor do they wait for the right time or for the miracle to happen someday and change their life. They control their life exactly the way they want to. They know that no one can do anything for them except themselves. Moreover, they never hesitate in taking risks and following the path alone where nobody stands with them. On the contrary, unsuccessful people like to be in a safe zone where they want alternatives at every step of their life so that they could switch the options any time when they feel things are not going the way they want to.

  • They know how to control their emotions

Emotions are of many types and sometimes our emotions control us instead of us controlling them which results in mental torture and stress. But successful people know there will be hard times in their lives and there will be financial pressures as well, but they have to be strong and cannot let their emotions or reactions ruin everything. Most importantly they know they are not alone; there are so many people who follow their footsteps and they need to be strong for them as well as for their own self.

  • Bonus Point: World’s dominant Billionaires/Leaders were not born with a gold spoon

If you feel you are not rich enough to dream big and to make a multinational company of your own then take some time out of your schedule and read the biographies of the top Billionaires/Leaders in the world. There will be mostly those who start their career from zero and now enjoying the lavishing lifestyle most of us could only dream about. So never underestimate yourself and the resources you have; just believe in your strengths and follow your passion.


I would like to mention a book for those who are interested in doing business and like to study about building brands or running their companies. The book is written by Jim Collins and its title is “Good to Great”. It is not sponsored; I just wanted to share with those who are interested.

About the Author:

Anum Iqbal is a 22 years old Business student who has recently graduated from University of Central Punjab. She believes in dreaming big and turning them into realities. Serving the society where she lives in and motivating students to do something big are few of them.

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