Why You Should Travel More

Contributed by Anum Iqbal

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Majority of people, especially in developing and underdeveloped countries believe that they need some fine education in order to get a job that will help them in fulfilling their needs, so they can live comfortably in a place where they have been living their entire life. Respectfully, I do not agree with them at all. I am totally against the idea of living in a single place without seeing and appreciating the beautiful world we are living in. In fact, it is the worst thing we do to ourselves. I have some solid arguments to prove my point which I am going to share with you all!

  • Travelling provides us experiences to embrace

Suppose, you are studying about the economic conditions of developed countries in your school and your professor tells you about the number games of the stock markets and the advance technologies these countries have been using for years. Your mind may get some knowledge but you can never anticipate anything extra based on the paperwork unless you experience those standards of living and advancements yourself.

  • Earth is like our home, living in one place means spending all your life in one room

We are living in a scrumptious planet where there are countless places to travel and hold close the beauty and culture of different countries. But most of us deny this opportunity and choose to stay in one place with the same people and proudly calls themselves patriot. They claim that they love their country so much and cannot imagine leaving it. Believe me, they are not patriot, they are scared in real. They are scared that they will not survive in a place which is out of their comfort zone. Do not get inspired by them at all.

  • Travelling gives you knowledge and confidence

I am not in favor of travelling because I read it somewhere or I am hired by travel agencies but because I experienced it myself. I clearly remember how shy was I and how little knowledge I had about the world before travelling. But thanks to my father’s profession that makes us all travel with him city to city and country to country. The amount of confidence and knowledge it provides me is something that I will forever be grateful for. Travelling gives us awareness about the norms, values, culture and religion of different places and teaches many more things that are hard to explain in words.

  • But the question is how to travel if one doesn’t have sufficient resources?

Don’t waste your time using mobile phones and talking to your friends on social media sites.

The answer is simple but requires a strong will power and determination to do so. If you are a student, believe me the right time is now. Don’t waste your time using mobile phones and talking to your friends on social media sites. I know friends are important but more than your future? Well, I don’t think so. I believe you should have friends who share same dreams as that of you and help you flourishing in your career, rather than distracting you from your goals. As a student, you can apply to different universities around the world; if cannot afford the tuition fees then work hard, get great marks and apply for scholarships. This way you will not only have an international degree but also the great exposure. Believe me everything is possible if you believe so!

If you are already in a practical field, then do not hesitate in applying to different multinational companies because you may not know what future it holds for you. Throw the fear out of your mind. The biggest drawback is that we fear rejections; do not grow it. What will happen if you won’t get the acceptance letter from any company? Nothing! Next time prepare yourself even more, get better understanding of things and apply again. Explore the world and never confine yourself within the boundaries of a particular country.

Happy travelling.

About the Author:

Anum Iqbal is a 22 years old Business student who has recently graduated from University of Central Punjab. She believes in dreaming big and turning them into realities. Serving the society where she lives in and motivating students to do something big are few of them.

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