You don’t Deserve to be Sad and Depressed

Wardah Noor

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You, my dear, you — who is reading this article — you really don’t deserve to be sad and depressed. You really don’t deserve to be hopeless. You actually don’t deserve any negativity in your life.

Now, you will ask how do I know you? How can I say this? You might be wondering you’re such a dumb man; you’re such a fool girl; you don’t even know yourself; you’re not even able to make a single person’s life better; you can’t make those people happy who are dear to you; you can’t do anything right then why don’t you need to be depressed? Why shouldn’t you be sad? Why shouldn’t you cry on your weaknesses?

Every person on this planet is gifted by something special.

So here is the answer, my dear. You are alive! You are alive! You are alive! What more a person can demand if he is alive? You have a life to do much better things. You have a whole life to enjoy, to love, to care and even to mourn. Then why are you depressed at the moment? Why don’t you understand that there are things you can make better. You are alive. You can do so many things. Just keep searching for opportunities. You are alive, and that’s enough reason to celebrate.

Every person on this planet is gifted by something special. But only a few discover themselves. Only a few know how important they are. Only a few know how meaningful their lives can be. Only a few know who they are.

Be among those few people! Be that person. Be yourself. Don’t wait for someone else to come and help you, instead just be that someone yourself. When one day you will be seeing back your life, you will get to know that how beautiful your struggle was. How extraordinary you are. The day when you will throw all your fears in some dustbin, you will realize your powers. You will get to know about your strengths when you will be away from all your fears. You will get free. You will feel like an escaped prisoner. You will feel some unknown power in yourself. So free yourself from all the fears.

These few steps may help you get rid of all your fears.

  • Admit this one thing

All our life, we usually live in a shell and remain reluctant to face reality. We find difficult to face possible negative outcomes if we took any action. Either we think too much or too little. While some people carry both these things together, they also want to do something extraordinary. They have big desires and goals, still they think they may not be able to do all this. Believe me, both these things are disastrous. Don’t underestimate yourself, as well as don’t be over confident about your strengths. And especially, never ever keep these conflicting feelings together (i.e degrading yourself and wishing to do something extraordinary)

Prepare yourself to accept all possible outcomes. Be ready for them. Dream big. Accept the fact that life is unpredictable and carry on living with it.

  • Live in this moment

Ever wondered we are always living in future. We have ruminative type of personalities. We overthink about our tomorrow. We don’t even give our best in present moment but we keep living in thoughts of how our future will be. We want to make it the best. But ironically we don’t have time for our present. Oh dear! please live your present well. Enjoy and avail every opportunity you have at present moment. Your future will shine when you start living your present.

  • Feel positive vibes

We all have positive vibes all around us. We have just to be in touch with them. We have to feel them. We have to give time to them. We have to see those positive vibes around us. These can be found in anything, in any shape and in any form. For instance, a friend can make you feel positive. A motivational speech can make you feel positive. Even seeing yourself smiling in the front of mirror can make you feel positive (and it is the most beautiful vibe in the world). Do spend a few minutes standing in front of mirror and seeing yourself smiling) 

  • Don’t become people-pleaser

You can’t please everyone. Sometimes, you have to take some crucial decisions in your life, and if you are thinking too much of other people’s satisfaction, you will end up doing nothing. You will gradually start giving up. Remember, you don’t necessarily need to please others, even if they are your dear ones. Don’t become a person who will always say yes. Learn to say no as well. Don’t let other control or manipulate your life. If you won’t understand this now, you may end up with fewer friends, and your personality will grow with less confidence. While attempting to please all others, you will fail to please yourself.

  • Fight only to win

Fight every battle like there is no chance of loosing it. Have no fear and strive only to win. When you are determined, you have enough power to do what you want to do, no matter wherever you are, whatever you are. Know your destination and ultimately paths will lead you there. 

  • Celebrate your small victories

Last but not the least, start celebrating your small victories, your small success, and all your little happiness. Celebrate when you do even 0.1% better than yesterday. Celebrate each and every little thing. Most importantly, celebrate your daily life. Give a party even of worth 20 rupees to anyone (and this anyone can be you, too). Give yourself a treat.  In daily life when you are enjoying and celebrating, close your eyes for a moment, same is when you will be enjoying and celebrating your little achievements and your success , you will see that when you open your eyes after a while there will be a huge success waiting for you. It takes a moment only. It only takes a second in changing life and that second , that moment comes when you have enjoyed previous moment fully.

Don’t wait for someone else to come and help you, instead just be that someone yourself.

Listen again. You don’t deserve to be sad and depressed because you are alive. You don’t deserve to give up. You don’t deserve to be hopeless. You don’t need to copy others. You are you. Be yourself. Admire those people who are with you. Get help from those few who really want to help you. Spend your time with those who make you feel special. Enjoy your present, and live it fully. Cry on shoulders of those few who know how precious your tears are, and those who know how precious your smile is. Spend your moments with those who already know your worth. Don’t let negativity find its way in your life. You will excel, and finally win all battles. Then someday, you will be saying to someone else that they don’t deserve to be sad and depressed, the way I have told you. 

These lines are beautiful and special, aren’t they? These lines mean a lot. These lines tell you your worth. You really deserve to be yourself. You deserve to be happy. And Finally, you deserve to be unstoppable.

Contributed by Wardah Noor

The writer has recently done her F.Sc (Pre-Medical). She is a bright student, who seeks to get doctorate degree first and then to become prime minister of Pakistan and serve the country.


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