Demonizing Hindus in Urdu Horror Fiction

Urdu tales commonly portray both Hindus and Muslims, often revealing a straightforward division between good and evil.


  1. Adab hmare mashrti rwion ki trjumani krta he. Bchon ke liye likhi hoi kahanion men bhi iska aks nzr aata he. Aik bchhe ke kchhe zahn ke liye kahani likte waqt likhari ko bht mhtat hone ki zaroret he. Kisi mkhsos tbqe ya mzhab ke logon ko burra bna kr pesh krne se hm bchhe men aik sterotype soch ko prwan chrhate hen, ismen tassub aur tng nazri peda krte hen., nfraton ke beej bote hen, Jo bchhe ke brhne ke sath prwan chrhte hen aur aik tnawer drhkt ki soret ikhtiar kr lete hen. Agr is qism ki khanian aj likhi jarhi hen to shaed unka mqsad bchhon men shro se hi mnfi rwion ko frogh dena he. Hmen bchon men burai aur bhlai ke frq ko wazh krne ke liye aisi khania likhna bilkul munasib he, lekin inko kisi mkhsos tbqe ya mzhab se wabista krna intehai ghair munasib he, Iske bht khtrnak ntaej nikl skte hen. Aur ye brhti hoi dhsht gardi ke silsile ki aik kri bhi sabit ho skti he.

  2. Dear Atiya Nasreen,
    Your comments are very appropriate. I fully agree with your opinion. However, when an education system is totally geared to raising children on the hatred of a particular group of people, it is very difficult to correct the system. This is what happens when all social and political institutions come under the policies of a military dominated government. Pakistan’s foreign policy is beholden to the army. The army wants to raise children as the soldiers of tomorrow. Soldiers have to be raised with the hatred towards the enemy. India is Pakistan’s enemy. India is populated by Hindus. We must raise our children hating the Hindus. That is the formula.

    By the way, LIKHARI is not a proper Urdu word. In fact, this word is not used in any of the north Indian languages or dialects, including Hindi, Gujrati, Marathi, Sindhi or Bangla. The proper word for a writer in all those languages is LEKHAK.

    Thank you

  3. Dear Naqvi Sb, I’m sure you liberals are competent enough to know what views Mr. Modi, his CM in U.P and sorts have about Muslims in their country and elsewhere BUT you only criticize Pakistan Army for unknown reasons? Haven’t thousands of army personnel sacrificed their lives to defend us from all those terrorists whether inside or outside like Kulbushan Yadav? Isn’t it the Pak army the most successful force that know how to deal with micrients like in Karachi and FATA? Either you are an Indian with fake ID or you are just a biased one.

  4. 99% percent of us want to remain in peace but the remaining 1% decide that we are at war. War requires an enemy and enemy ought to be an evil that should be confronted. Therefore 99% are convinced by brainwashing them.

    Europeans demonized “Orient”, specially Arabs culture as exotic, backward, uncivilized, and dangerous as against more “civilized” culture of the “Occident”. This campaign has been carried out through paintings, literature, plays and later on western movies. In the beginning it was perhaps part of colonial project. Occidentals were “obliged” to civilize the Orientals.

    American power was justified by the danger of Communism and after Soviets demise “terrorism” took its place.

    Please look at Hindu/Muslim animosity from that perspective. India was partitioned on mutual distrust. Who nurtured that mistrust; 1% and remaining followed like a flock of sheep.

    As Pakistan was smaller and militarily week it placed its survival on continued Hindu-hatred after Partition. From early on children have been brainwashed against the Hindus demon. It is a sad situation but the whole military establishment is keeping its stranglehold on Pakistan based on hatred of India.

    This has been going on for ages and 99% are helpless spectators.

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