What Are They Teaching Non-Muslim Students In Pakistan

Violating the constitution, Pakistan’s education system forces Non-Muslim students to learn Islamic teachings in their courses.

Presented by Dr. A.H. Nayyar.


  1. Unfortunately from the end part of Bhutto regime and the period of Zia’s rule, Pakistan has been pushed towards Saudi financed religious extremism and off course the religion based political parties like Jamat Islami took full advantage of this. Declaring Ahmedis as non-Muslims and introducing religion in school text books to brain wash children was their goal and they succeeded in their goal. THANK YOU DR. NAYYAR, for your eye opening lecture.

  2. this menace has persisted even after bhotto and zia. Mere change of faces does not make any change in policies.the so called politicians have no time or sense for these issue. Dictators have their own agenda.they never bother about it. the real culprit is bureaucracy which impliments foreign plans to make money and securing their children abroad.

  3. I was teaching in a mixed culture school in Abu Dhabi for 25years. Teachers were all British and so was the principal. I was the only Pakistani.
    Arabic was compulsory . Islam was optional. There was a smattering of non Muslim students. The parents of these children had no problem if their child had additional information of another religion, as it would only add to the child’s knowledge without taking away from it, his own beliefs.
    But not to give the child an option to decide, is not fair and bordering on fanaticism.

  4. It would have been better if the author had told where it’s all happening in Pakistan. I may be wrong but it seems as if the sole purpose of this ‘awareness’ is to criticize the religious education being imparted in our institutions.

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